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My name is Tanja (pronounced Tan-ya.)

I have been building and fixing computers back in Germany (where I am from originally) since I was 15. Computers and technology are my passion! Later I went on to study at "Berufkolleg für Technik und Gestaltung" for 3 years, and have worked for Technology companies like Medion, SNT GmbH, Timeless MbH, User City GmbH etc. Until I moved to the US where my husband and I live in the Los Angeles area.

In the past couple of years, I found myself helping many of our friends, mainly creating websites but also building and fixing all kinds of computers. My husband happens to be a renowned composer and I am proud to say that I built his high power computer and all 3 of his websites.

I find that the most important component in working with people on technology, beyond expert skills and professionalism is trust! Your computer is your life and I have heard horror stories from people who trusted someone to do a website or fix a problem and were instead hacked or infested with virus. The stories go on and on.

Well, if there is one thing you never have to worry about is exactly that. If you look at my endorsements & portfolio you will see that the most important fact that people mention when they talk about working with me is that they could sleep peacefully at night knowing that nothing bad would ever happen to their computers and that they are in good and honest hands.

It’s a wonderful feeling when you know that your computer, your website and anything else I will be working on, is in safe hands.. If I can’t really do something I will let you know upfront. You will never have to worry about anything.

And last but not least, my fees are very competitive and my services are professional and totally straight forward. My reward is a smile on your face when the job is complete.

Tanja Segal


My services:

I work efficiently and am very organized. The charge is $40.00 an hour of actual work. Any time over the hour and under 30 minutes will be charged as half an hour.

Down payment is a 2-hour minimum, $80. After that you will receive a weekly invoice on Thursdays with a detailed breakdown.

You will be responsible for your domain name, account and the hosting of your website.

Upon work completion:

I will hand over all the data you will need to control your site, including passwords etc.

I will continue to make minor adjustment and consultations 2 months after completing the job to your satisfaction. After that the charge will be $25 per hour for minor modifications and consultations and $40 per hour for major work.

In keeping with the constant evolution of technology and with the introduction of Cryptocurrencies, I will be accepting besides traditional form of payments also Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.


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Tanja Segal Endorsements

Bruce Chianese FB
Bruce Chianese – Chianese Inc.


When my computer crashed right in the middle of a busy project I thought all was lost, but luckily Tanja saved the day.  She came over right away and promptly got to work on the hard drive, and soon had everything up and working again.  I was very impressed with her professionalism, and will continue to use her for all my technical support.
~ Bruce Chianese


Sabine Wagner FB
Sabine Wagner from Germany – Chihuahua breeder


Dear Mrs. Segal,

I hereby would like to thank you very sincerely for my wonderful website. I am very impressed by the results. The design, pages and navigation, everything fits together perfectly, and you have made me very proud with this Page. You made it possible with this beautiful site that I can present my business and especially the new born puppy's! Furthermore, I am very grateful that you continued to provide professional care for my website. Working with Tanja Segal always gave me a feeling of complete trust. I was able to sleep without worry of any kind about my website, as I knew I was in good hands!

I am looking forward to a continuous cooperation with you and recommend you at any time!

Thank you and greetings from Germany
~ Sabine Wagner


Elizabeth appell FB
Elizabeth Appell – Book Author


To Whom It May Concern:

The day I discovered Tanja Segal was the day I struck gold. She is extremely competent. She knows her way around computer technology like it was a part of her. Don’t do what I did. I trusted an out-of-country technologist to fix my computer. Not only did he take over my machine, but wouldn’t turn it back to me until I paid a fee. It was a nightmare. Tanja is totally trustworthy, experienced, and qualified. She’s accessible, kind, has a great sense of humor and will take care of your problem very quickly. As a designer she listens to what you want and then creates it, but only better than you initially envisioned. Call Tanja for any computer issue.
~ Elizabeth Appell


Misha Segal FB
Misha Segal – Composer, Pianist, Songwriter


Thank you for building my new powerhouse computer and for designing all my websites. Besides the amazing work you did and the speed of your work, I am most happy that I could finally rely on someone to do the work responsibly, efficiently and with full trust.
~ Misha Segal


Misha Segal FB
Gemini Musiq – Musik Producer


To whom it may concern:

I am a music producer working and living in los angeles, few artists i worked with ( bruno mars sisters, justin beiber producer poo bear, michael jackson brother jacky jackson, mario barret, christina millian etc.)

I am also a computer tech building computers for musicians and non musicians my clients:
(chrisitna aguilera recording studio pacifique studios, kendrick lemur producers thc, epic records a&r sha money, emmy award winner misha segal etc.)

I had the pleasure working with ms Tanja Segal on two of my computer builds, i was introduced to Tanja through a mutual friend, she came with high recommendations from a big german tech company which she was giving on the spot quick and professional tech support.
while working abroad on several music productions, during my stay one of my clients had a boot failure issue with his main computer, being super busy with intense work, Ihad to find a trustworthy and reliable solution i decided to go with Tanja .

After a couple of hours i received a text message from my client saying how he was super impressed with Tanja, and how she not only fixed his boot failure rapidly she also upgraded his operating system to the latest one and now his system is rock solid fast and responsive .

I highly recommend anyone who needs tech support for any computer system Tanja is highly reliable and professional and offers quick response and fast repair solutions for any situation i am going to recommend her for more of my clients in the future she is simply amazing!
~ Gemini Musiq aka Haguy Mizrahi


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